Services Offered by Steve’s World of Business

This local shop can deal with most issues your computer might have, and even some you may have been unaware of. A trained professional will quickly come to assess the problems and figure out the best solution to get any laptop, desktop, or other device running smoothly before long. With years of experience and computer certifications, it is never the wrong choice to call for a consultation. Below are some of the most common services that he offers.

Network Capability

This sets up a wireless network that your home can connect to, and allows for your Bluetooth speakers, phones, Apple devices, and more to be synced up. This is what enables WiFi to work, and can even connect printers to the system. It is the best way to simplify and streamline the way your home system works.

Hardware Upgrades

This service involves potentially expanding your current hardware so that your computer can hold more memory and data, or installing and deleting other programs from the device. It can quickly boost the speed and performance as well as extend its life.

Laptop Repair

Laptops, tablets, and two in one devices are all accounted for in this category. Here, Steve can manage to fix issues as superficial as a cracked screen to completely revamping the hard drive and motherboard from water damage. Also, any problems with the power supply and cables falls under this category as well. His specialized tools make any job quick and relatively inexpensive, as well as save you time.

Desktop Repair

With a background involving programming, working on mainframes, and even building computers, no desktop issue is too challenging. He can work on upgrading the motherboard or adding in a new power supply. Screen replacements, upgrading the RAM, or even water damage control is not out of his abilities as he is well versed in all of the above.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

The offer of the annual maintenance contract means that for a yearly payment, he will give two preventative service calls and priority work for the year. In addition, he will also provide a discounted price for any repairs or parts that need to be bought for a working computer. All of this comes at a fixed fee that is relatively inexpensive, especially when looking at the quality of work received.

General Maintenance

General maintenance encompasses any other common issues that a device may have, such as running too slow. It can also deal with removing viruses from the software and a plethora of other services that are offered. If you do not see your need here, give us a call and see what we can do for you.


The webpage boasts positive reviews of his service for a reason, and his extensive breadth of knowledge is sure to fix any issues that your laptop or desktop may have. From the most common screen repairs to wiping your drive of an invasive virus, Steve’s World of Business is a great way to ensure that these problems are taken care of, quickly and in an affordable manner.