Networking and Routers

Routers are a necessity for any business and home today, especially with the growing need for internet and the accessibility that they provide. While the internet provider may give modems and routers as part of the service, there can still be issues with installation, especially with all of the cables that are used or with your wireless signal.

It provides access to the network so you can visit websites, access photos, and more. Also, a router is needed for any systems that deal with wireless technology, such as surveillance cameras and proximity alarms to increase home security — as such, investing to get a router set up as soon as possible is the best choice.

What is a Router and Modem?

The modem serves as a connection between the source of the internet to the ISP or home network that may be operated by Direct TV, Comcast, and others and the home. They are different for every service, and as such, it is necessary to make sure you invest in the correct one. They are often rented out by the ISPs for around ten dollars in a month.

On the other hand, the router connects to the modem and is responsible for creating private networks, or WiFi systems that need a password to access. It can combine everything in the home that needs internet, from your Laptop to Google Home. In addition, it is what allows you to stream content to your TV without having to connect cables.

Popular Router Manufacturers

There is an abundance of routers to pick from on the market, each with their own perks and different prices. Below are some of the most popular ones and the benefits that they offer.

NetGear – This router is marketed as the “world’s fastest wireless router.” They work to upgrade their technology often to stay relevant in the marketplace and promise a stable and robust connection for any wireless network. The company itself has worked with home systems, businesses, and service providers as they ensure remote connection and location security.

D-Link – These routers specialize in “responsiveness that…few others can match.” It supplies their routers to over 100 countries and works to have perfect integration for all aspects of wireless networking. Their research is cutting edge for the newest technology, and their quality is ensured by random surveys, audits, source inspections, and more. They also allow for modifications and customizations from customers.

Cisco – Cisco routers also work to deliver high-speed internet at a reliable and affordable rate. They have dozens of options depending on specifications, such as encryption through internet MIX, built in LAN ports, and deployment types. Just like the others, this is a solid option for any homeowner or business manager.


Routers come in every shape, size, and price, making their set up more complicated than a lot of other parts of the computer, especially with the differences that each has. As a result, save yourself the time and trouble by contacting us to install this router for you. The most popular brands listed above are all ones that we support, and there are many more options that are available as well.