Local Business – Desktop Computer Repair Service

Desktops are generally larger than laptops and require more electricity to use; however, they typically have more power and the ability to add modifications for a lower price. Also, often the choices for gamers and those that need high processing speeds, they can be difficult and dangerous to repair on your own, making contacting us a safer option. By choosing a local business, it ensures you get quality customer service and fast turnaround time. Below are some of the most common reasons you may need to get your desktop fixed. We also offer maintenance and malware cleanup services.

Hard Drive Failure

The hard drive is a memory disk that keeps the most critical information the computer needs to function, as well as personal files and software programs. However, it is fragile and has an assortment of possible causes of damage, from excessive heat to power surges. In addition, it is prone to water damage and can stop functioning near magnetic fields. Failure becomes apparent when files suddenly get lost for seemingly no reason, if the drive becomes noisy, or if the computer suddenly crashes. As a complicated part to understand, having a professional investigate and fix it is the best option.

Motherboard Failure

The motherboard can be defined as the “nervous system” of the computer and works as a connection point for every other part of the working equipment. It has dozens of ports for audio and the hard drive along with connections of the system fan. The motherboard is also where the “brain” formally known as the CPU or processor plugs in to. The memory the processor needs and the video card, which may be on the board itself, also reside here. In fact, the only part of a desktop not dependent on the motherboard would be the power supply

Power Supply Failure

When this issue occurs, the computer will stop responding and refuse to turn on. This is because the power supply works to convert AC current to DC, as well as regulate the voltages that your computer works on. We will run an expert analysis to make sure the problem is properly troubleshot as well as purchase and install the proper part needed to fix the problem. We have the specialized tools to analyze this type of issue. After disconnecting the wires of the power supply from the motherboard and drives, it is removed, and a new power supply is installed. This parts complexity and high internal voltages can make it dangerous for others to try and fix them. Doing so can result in more damage done and higher costs.

It is best to let us fully check out the desktop since there could be other reasons why the computer will not turn on. There also can be damage from a power supply failure that we can identify for you.

In the three cases above, contacting us will save time and money in the future, especially as it takes skill and training to not damage the small and intricate parts used in all computers. We can take care of the issue in just a couple of days,if parts are needed and the day of service if we have the needed part or one is not needed. Soon your desktop will be working just fine!