Whether it's business or personal computing, we'll gladly make it our business.

Our Services

Rich Quinn

CEO Capitol Barter Exchange

I have been dealing with Steven Young for the last 13 years. Steven delivers outstanding service for me and the hundreds of members on my exchange. He gives impeccable service to all my members. He is very knowledgeable in the computer field. I would highly recommend Steve to any business owner. 


Owner of Jeannette's Bookkeeping

I have used Steven for my personal and business computing needs for many years. He always is prompt in responding to my call. His knowledge in this area is very strong. Additionally, if there is a problem he does not immediately resolve, he will research it and continue to work on the problem to get it resolved. I highly recommend him!

Marjorie Lerman

Elmhardt Construction

Steven has helped us set up our computers many times in the past. He is able to diagnose and repair the computer when we have problems. He is reliable and gets our computer working like new. He has very extensive experience.